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Dear Occupy Wall Street… Happy Anniversary!

Dear everyone else… please enjoy the latest video in the “Kate the Wasp” web-series.  Filmed during the 3 day celebration of the 1 year anniversary of OWS.

Special appearances by:

  • Jimmy McMillan from the “Rent is Too Damn High” party
  • A typewriter
  • A homeless guy

99%! Unemployment! Liberty! Drum circles! 

It’s all happening this weekend with Monday, September 17th being the 1 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.  Refresh yourself on the group and their cause with my visit to the demonstrations back in May.

I don’t know if I get a plus one to the anniversary parties (black tie events are typically not assumed plus 1) but if I DO, please let me know if you want to join!

Chardonnay and Dreams: May Day Edition

Hello and welcome!  So glad you found your way here. 

We’re back this FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! for Chardonnay and Dreams with a great new line-up of comedians for your enjoyment.  If you’ve never been to this stand-up show before, it’s been called: a real delight.  A great pregame idea.  An interesting life choice. (The last one is from my parents).  So let’s get to it!


May 11th, 8:30pm! (Attention, we are now starting at 8:30pm)

One and One Bar, downstairs (76 First St, corner of 1st)



JORDAN CARLOS (MTV’s I Just Want My Pants Back)

photo by Mindy Tucker

MICHELLE WOLF (Upright Citizen’s Brigade)



GREG STONE (TheNOCTV’s “Say What”)



FRANK LIOTTI (Laughing Skull Comedy Festival)



CALVIN CATO (Pregame Comedy Show)

And yes, moi.

The webseries.  Recorded.  Will never be deleted.  (That’s the cadence of the Occupy Wall Street chant, only they say “The People. United. Will Never be defeated.”  Which is lovely, too!)

Check out my latest video from my visit to MAY DAY, for Occupy Wall Street’s reboot effort.  It was very fun and everyone was very welcoming.

PS - I truly did not know what “T and A” meant. Whatever rock I’ve been living under, I’d like to stay there, please!